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Are you a student who has the desire to pursue your dream course of study in an international university? If your answer is yes, then Eaglesflight Services is the right place to be.

Eaglesflight Services advice and connect students to study destinations based on a number of factors such the course to study, choice of country, tuition fees and living expenses. We consider all these factors and help the student to make a choice.

Eaglesflight through our experienced staff have supported hundreds of students to study in countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Cyprus and Ireland.

Our students choose from a wide range of programs which includes; General Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Oil and Gas Management, Petroleum Engineering, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Other Engineering Programs, Hospitality and other programs both at  undergraduate and post graduate level.


Ukraine / Russia/Belarus

Tuition fee in Russia and Ukraine are far cheaper as compared to those in other western countries. The living expenses are so low to the extent that student can live in a full apartment.
Entry requirement for schools in Russia and Ukraine are flexible and there is nothing like Visa rejection or any disappointment.

Students have the opportunity to pursue their dream program irrespective of their background. For example well determined Arts students can pursue medicine in Ukraine if he is ambitious to study.
Eaglesflight helps the student to find the right school; program and support the student in application and visa processing till the student receive the visa and depart to Ukriane/ Russia. When the student arrived, our partners will meet you and take you to your hostel and also support in registration with your school.

Advantages of studying in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus:

  • Quality and innovative education
  • 50+ degree courses in English
  • Tuition fee from USD1500 a year
  • Accommodation from USD360 a year
  • Medical courses from USD 3500 a year
  • Easy admission
  • Visa guaranteed (Russia)
  • Tuition fee payable at university
  • Worldwide recognized degree


Australia is a perfect destination for international students. Below are some reasons to consider:
Educational institutions in Australia promote innovation, creativity and independent thinking. Students will learn as part of a team, to communicate effectively with other and to develop the practical skills and intellectual abilities you need for global success. Tuition fees are internationally competitive, which combined with low cost of living compared to other western countries.


Education in Canada is well referred to as world class since it has been involved in many innovations. For example, the invention of flat screen TV was made by a Canadian scientist. Tuition fees and living expenses is relatively cheap as compared to UK, USA and Australia. It is a multicultural country with high values for all class of people. There is a post study work for international students who study in Canada.

United Kingdom

British qualification are recognized and respected around the world. Their reputation is such that, when you return home, you will find that your British qualification boost your career and salary prospect. Ambitious achievers who are seeking a superior education choose to find it in the UK as British education is constantly evolving whiles retaining the best of its prestigious 800 years heritage.You can study in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Wales, Edinburg, Glasgow, Sunderland, Coventry and many more…




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