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Packages - HOW DO I APPLY

Our application process is as simple as ever. Interested students are to contact any of our campus agents. You will pay an application fee of GHC 100.00 and receive an application form.

Applicant will then have to log on to our website at www.eaglesflightghana.com and click on Apply online. Applicant will need to fill out the online application form completely. Applicants then submit the forms together with the required documents to the agent and pay any necessary fees.
Eaglesflight will contact you with a phone call and a confirmation email within 7 days of submitting your application. You will then be one step away from your dreams.

International students

Eaglesflight has very good relationship with International students in Ghana. We are the only organization that provides services to international students. International students are welcome to join the program. Eaglesflight will process your documents in time and accompany you to your home country for the visa interview. One of our staff will accompany a group of you to your home country for the visa. In view of this, International students are advised to register very early to avoid any delays.
International students should contact our International students agent for details.

PROGRAMME REQUIREMENTS (Must be submitted together with application forms)
1.Application forms completely filled on our website
2.Visa fee receipt from standard chartered bank
3.Two photocopy of both sides of school ID on same page (coloured)
4.Two photocopy of information pages of passport (coloured)
5.Typed C.V ( should be only one page)
6.Two 50x50 passport pictures.

1. Visa forms filled out completely
2. School introductory letter
3. Student ID card
4. Sponsorship letter
5. Sponsor bank statements
6. School Transcripts
7. DS-2019
8. Job offer
9. All forms provided by Eaglesflight travel Services must be filled and added.



Eaglesflight wishes to ensure that as many students as possible are able to participate on this refreshing and exciting program. For this reason, our packages come with the most rewarding and affordable prices ever. Our program fees are most affordable and also we have very flexible payment terms for our students. You do not need to make full payment. Interested applicants are allowed to pay in bits until full payment is complete. Contact any of our campus agents for prices.


Eaglesflight seeks to ensure that our students are well protected and their security is our priority. All information from our students are kept private and except for program application purposes not exposed to any other third party. All monies paid by any student or participant are well documented and students get best value for their monies. In the event of program failure or visa denials, Eaglesflight ensures that all students are duly refunded their due amounts in time. In most cases, we have always ensured our students get their refunds ahead of the stipulated time frame in our program terms and conditions.


Eaglesflight has a track record with ensuring that all our students are job placed even before their visa interviews. Students are able to contact and communicate with their employer prior to their departure from Ghana. Students who register very early are likely to get early placement. Late applicants are placed on a case by case basis. In the event that Eaglesflight is not able to find job for you because of late application, we will notify the student and immediately arrange for a refund.


Upon the successful issuance of your visa, Eaglesflight may arrange for your flight ticket upon request. This offer is optional as students can also buy their own tickets. A pre-departure orientation will be organized for all students prior to their departure from Ghana. In most cases, students travel in groups of more than four.

Contact us

Mallam Juction
Opposite Ecobank
Accra, Ghana
Hot line: +233-302-963-393
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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