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USA J-1 Visa Work and Travel Program

The USA Work & Travel Program offers Ghanaian university students a challenging opportunity to intimately experience life and culture in the U.S. during their summer and winter holiday periods through our J-1 Visa Program.
The work and travel program allows Ghanaian students to earn modest spending money to offset some living and travel expenses during their stay in the U.S. It offers U.S. employers the ability to acquire extra staff to cover busy seasonal positions in peak travel areas of the United States. The J-1 Visa program allows these students to work for up to four months in the United States with a fifth month reserved for travel if the student chooses.

Do something interesting this summer!

Get a paid job, travel around the USA, improve your English, make friends and have fun! The J-1 Work/Travel program allows you to spend up to four months working in the USA during your school's Summer break with an additional month to explore the country on your own or with your friends.

Two Options to Fit the students Needs:

  • Full Service Placement

This option is designed to offer students full assistance with the J-1 Work and Travel Program process from start to finish. On this Service Placement Option, Eaglesflight will find and secure a paid position for you.

  • Self-Arranged Placement

This option is for those who have found and secured a job on their own. All you need to do is contact us with your job offer, and we will assist you with the necessary documentation you need in order to apply for your J-1 visa.


  1. From 18 to 28 years old
  2. At least an intermediate level of English
  3. Full-time university student in Ghana
  4. Student must have completed at least one year of university education
  5. Interested in working in the United States

Placement areas:

Paid positions are available in amusement parks, food and beverage retail concessions, retail stores/shops in tourist towns, hotels, and ski resorts, national parks and many others. Types of jobs include but are not limited to: Ski Lift operator, Hotel desk clerks, Lifeguards, Park services, Cooks, Dining room attendants, Game attendants, Fast food workers, etc.


Positions are available throughout the USA. Students can be placed anywhere in the USA but students who register very early before December may be placed in their preferred states.

Length of the program:
The J-1 Work and Travel program is for a maximum of 4 months and must take place during the Summer and winter Season and University vacations.

What the students get:

  1. Guaranteed work placement secured prior to arrival
  2. An hourly wage of at least $7.25 an hour
  3. Paperwork coordination: J-1 Visa documentation.
  4. Health/Travel insurance
  5. Pre-departure orientation in Ghana and orientation in the USA.
  6. Housing assistance
  7. 24 hours a day/7 days a week personal support
  8. Detailed participant handbook that contains all information relative to the program
  9. An emergency assistance telephone number in the USA
  10. Access to tax refund services that will assist you in filing your taxes and help you in reclaiming any portion of the taxes paid in the U.S. that is due to the participant.

The program provides:

  1. J-1 visa documentation
  2. 4 months of insurance
  3. Complete orientation
  4. Student Program Handbook
  5. Program administration and supervision
  6. 24-hour emergency assistance
  7. Job assistance

The Program does NOT include:

  1. Visa application fees at the U.S. Consulate/Embassy
  2. Round trip airfare to the U.S.
  3. Airport transfers
  4. Transportation expenses
  5. Any daily living expenses including rent, utilities, furnishings, meals etc.
  6. Any expenses at the place of employment


  1. Give you international work experience.
  2. Learn the work ethics of more developed countries
  3. Broaden your perception about other parts of the world and life in general.
  4. Offer a great opportunity to visit places of educational and historic importance
  5. Enable you to expand your horizon
  6. Enhance your C.V for a better future career prospects.

The J-1 Visa (together with your DS-2019):
Qualifies you to:

  1. Work up to 4 months
  2. Obtain a social security.
  3. Apply for a US drivers license

The dates on your J-1 visa are the dates in between which you are allowed to enter the United States of America. The expiration date on your J-1 visa is the last day you may enter the US not the last day you can work although they may correspond.
Participants are advised to return home at the completion of their visa. J-1 visa extensions are not possible.


In our quest to ensure that many students get the chance to participate in the Work and travel Program, our fees our undoubtedly the lowest amongst the rest.
Below is our Program fee:
For our full program fees, kindly contact our agents on your campus.

Contact us

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Hot line: +233-302-963-393
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